This site is dedicated to bluegill fishing. It can be easy, very fun, to pull in buckets of smaller bluegill during certain times of year such as the spawn. But pulling in the bigger bluegill can be a more challenging and rewarding experience. In a survey conducted in 2009, bluegills were the 2nd most popular freshwater fish targeted in the United States. Only the large mouthed bass topped the bluegill (also part of the sunfish family) as more popular. Considering how little the media and manufactures concern themselves with promoting the bluegill, it is simply amazing how popular they are.

My name is Ryan and I have been fishing for bluegill all of my life. It is my passion and I would like to share this fun activity with others. It is an ever growing body of work encompassing the knowledge I have gained personally throughout my years on the water combined with knowledge from other fellow bluegill fishermen and information gathered through research. Some of the information contained in the following pages includes:

  • How to catch more bluegill
  • How to catch BIG bluegill
  • Tackle for catching bluegill
  • And much, much more
Here is an article from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about bluegill fishing for which I was interviewed and quoted: Bluegill Provide Fishermen a Guilty Pleasure

Please come and enjoy the articles offered here to introduce yourself to or better your knowledge of bluegill fishing.

Thank you, Ryan

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